TopLine Materiaux de Construction

Our Story

Overwhelmed by the tragedy he saw in Haiti after the earthquake, our founder asked "how can we make a difference in all this?"
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In 2010, on a relief trip to Haiti, TOPLINE’s Founder, Matthew Flippen, caught a vision for serving Haiti through sustainable impact business. His team began asking:

  • "how can we use our talents, resources and experience to help those in need?"
  • "how can we create lasting change in the lives’ of the poor in Haiti without going back again and again asking for donations?"
  • "how can we be a tangible expression of God’s love to the world?"
TOPLINE was built to be a vehicle for sustainable change by producing and selling basic building materials with the overarching goal to empower communities with the skills, resources and desire to determine their own future rather than relying on handouts to keep them going.